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Matters of Light

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Empire Avenue Tips

Empowering Empire Avenue New UsersEmpire Avenue can be a lot of fun. It can help you connect with influential people in social media and your niche. It can amplify your social media efforts.

Instead of learning how to do all that by trial and error, here are 12 tips you can use to get off to a phenomenal start on Empire Avenue.

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Did You Hear Joy is Back In Full Swing!!!!!! Trust Me !

Guess What I am not smoking Crack or anything weird. It’s true. Joy has comeback in style. It is the latest trend in fashion. Oh by the way. You cannot buy it. You  have to create it. The recipe is quite simple, are you ready to write this down ????? Well go get your pad and pen or pencil, marker, crayon, whatever !

Here it is One part Love

with Two parts of Unconditional Love

Three Parts No Judgement

Four Parts Lots of Candy

Five parts The Heart of a Child

Six Parts Accepting all and not trying to change anyone

Seven parts Come- Unity

Eight Parts Live and Let Live

Nine Parts remember Your Divine essence.

Oh ! and not to be Afraid to Speak your Truth !!!!!!

Til We Meet Again


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