How are You Today

NAN2ZNR8Y9F7  I hope all is well to all my readers. Well Halloween is getting closer and so is the World series. My two favorite things about the fall. Just want to say take today and be gentle with yourself. If you have been feeling a little out  of  sorts ,  it’s okay.  Do something fun and keep your self happy. Happy thoughts help with these awkward feelings. Get pretty flowers or put on a funny movie. We are all changing and growing. So just Smile your way through.

Til We Meet Again.




Are You Kidding Me !

Today we are going to talk about the Third Eye. Yes the Third Eye. It is a part of the Chakra system which is  located  between our eyebrows.  This Chakra is part of the Pineal gland. When many are awakening they may experience headaches that are centered in the middle of the forehead. These headaches tend to be contributed to your third eye-opening up. I will give you linear thinkers the benefit of the doubt ( not all the time) . Nonetheless, it helps us to enhance our psychic abilities.  Since everyone is different they may see through the third eye and the more open it becomes the more visual they are at receiving information.

Let me note this again is a process it does not happen over night. It takes a lot if time to train yourself and to control your visions. We always have to respect our gifts. Like anything else. If we abuse them and use them for the wrong reasons they are unappreciated.

Today is just a short one. Take it in and don’t rush. Like a good aged wine you want your gifts to be sharp and fostered with care.

Til We Meet Again