Divine Union

There is so much strife in the world the last few days. We all are quite aware that the world energetically is changing right before our eyes. Honestly Men and Women are reversing roles to a degree. There is nothing wrong with being a strong in your power but when it starts to make Men in the world insecure We need to do something about it. 

 The negative ego right now must be telling you. Ignore this this is crazy stuff. Well just turn on the Newes. The proof is in the pudding. A Divine  Union is created by a Man and a Women who mutually respect each other and not knock down each other for their talents or choices.

We are the key to ” PEACE” The Dali Lama said ” The Western Women would bring Peace to the  World”. If that is not a strong enough of a statement what is. We also within the Sisterhood need to put our differences aside. I mean really we are going to act like those girls back in high school ? What did we accomplish for each other just a lot of stupidity and hurt feelings.  Get over it !!!!!!  Love Your Man but for goodness sakes treat him with respect and not like your ATM.  They have feelings also. Like attracts Like. 

The Divine Love you seek and what starts with you first and for most. Self respect shines through. With Love and Compassion 


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